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Welcome to Smarter Materials

SmarterMaterials is a team of sustainability experts and environmental professionals investigating alternatives for product designers and manufacturers to embrace new and innovative resources and materials.

MicrofibresMicrofibres in comparison with one pound coin

Our recent campaign focuses on the polluting impact of synthetic clothing on the natural environment through the discharge of microfibres. Microfibres are tiny particles that shed in vast quantities from synthetic fabrics during washing and enter marine life and eventually the food chain. The UNEP identified microfibre pollution as a key outgrowth of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually.

Through our work we seek to establish a compendium of viable alternatives for manufacturers and designers in Australia, and showcase natural polymers and organic materials that biodegrade quickly. We want to lead the way to phasing-out synthetic fibers and petrochemical compounds in favour of smarter materials.