Closed loop not landfill

The team behind Smarter Materials


A creative producer with a background in science from the UK. Olivia writes regularly about sustainable textiles and marine biology, mixing science with creativity, and is our conduit into the sustainable fashion industry.


Digital strategist and sustainability professional. In love with campaign development and communications. Iris wants to find synergies in the wide spectrum of raw materials and resouces, and start conversations about low impact solutions for design and manufacturing. Any product, from sustainable serveware or clothing to closed-loop fabrics and fibres.


Energy efficiency expert and environmental consultant. David is passionate about stakeholder engagement and sustainable manufacturing processes. He advocates good energy management practices and advises energy intensive sectors and business service providers on how to reduce their energy use and costs.

The initiative behind Smarter Materials

SmarterMaterials.org started out as a research project for the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.